Source template/view/error.view.hbs

 * @template error%view
 * @language handlebars
 * @block view
 * @param {array} [error] List of errors to display
 * @param {array} [warning] List of warnings to display
 * @param {array} [info] List of info messages to display
 * @description Displays any notifications (errors, warnings or info messages)
 *     {{{view "error" error=error}}}
* NB. It is usually preferable to use {@link template:control%view} rather than calling this directly
{{#if error}}
<ul class="control-errors">{{#each error}}<li>{{{this}}}</li>{{/each}}</ul>
{{#if warning}}
<ul class="control-warnings">{{#each warning}}<li>{{{this}}}</li>{{/each}}</ul>
{{#if info}}
<ul class="control-infos">{{#each info}}<li>{{{this}}}</li>{{/each}}</ul>