Source template/template/block-edit.template.hbs

 * @template editblock
 * @language handlebars
 * @block template
 * @param {string} [heading] Block heading text - can be passed as a i18n key
 * @param {string} [class] Additional class names for block
 * @param {boolean} [close] Whether to output 
 * @description Wraps grouped controls and other elements within a block structure
 *     {{{template "editblock" heading="Foo"}}}
 *        ...
 *     {{{template "editblock" close="true"}}}
 * Open and close blocks are used rather than {{{#template "editblock"}}}{{{yield}}}{{{/template}}} to preserve the current context
{{^if close}}
<div class="block block-edit{{#if class}} {{class}}{{/if}}">
{{#if heading}}
<h2>{{phrase heading}}</h2>
<div class="block-content">