Source template/control/control.template.hbs

 * @template control
 * @language handlebars
 * @block template
 * @param {string} controltype Type of control
 * @param {boolean} [edit] Whether control is in edit or display mode
 * @param {boolean} [required] Whether the control is required or optional
 * @param {object} [attributes] Attributes to be passed on to control template
 * @description Outputs control wrapper and yields to {@link template:control%edit} or {@link template:control%display} template
 *     {{#template "control" control-type="text" edit=true}}
 *         ...
 *     {{/#template}}
 * NB. It is usually preferable to use {@link template:control%view} rather than calling this directly
 * @see template:control%view
 * @see template:control%edit
 * @see template:control%display
<div class="{{controltype}}-control{{#if edit}} {{#if required}}required{{else}}optional{{/if}}{{/if}}">
{{#if edit}}
{{template "control.edit"}}
{{template "control.display"}}